Pollsters not wrong, they merely failed to ask the right question

trumpIn the coming days we are going to hear how pollsters got it wrong. Pollsters in fact got it right, for the answer respondents gave to the question asked; “who are you going to vote for?”

Where pollsters failed was in not asking the right question; “what percent of the American population do you think wants to vote for Donald Trump, will in fact for vote Donald Trump but is afraid to admit it for fear of being attacked by friends, family, and colleagues much in the same way as mainstream media attacked Donald Trump, the candidate?

That question asked in that way, and of the right sample, would have generated a different analysis and a more accurate prediction of the election result.

Justified or not, the attack on Trump went overboard causing not just the non-elite to issue a great big screw you to the establishment. Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is too much.

Perhaps significantly, but not exclusively, Trump received votes from so called “uneducated, angry, blue collar, rural, white men.” Clearly however, a good number of educated white collar folk also wanted change for the sake of change and damn the torpedoes, maybe.

Today we awake to find America may have voted for Howard Stern, the buffoon. Like Howard Stern, however, does Donald Trump have a side that is intelligent, insightful, reasonable, and less of a buffoon? Time will tell.

In any event democracy has spoken. Will Democrats and MSM let that play out or does the insane amount of propaganda, from both sides, continue to plague our every waking moment?

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