Scott Haynes, who knew?

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So, in Roatan last week we went to this little watering-hole on the beach called Sundowners. We’ve gone there at least once on every trip to Roatan the past few years. Great sunsets, cold beer, and enough atmosphere to breathe for a month.

The owner is a displaced Canadian and a die-hard Leafs fan.

So there, on the western edge of an island where the Internet is flaky as corn and electrical brown-outs occur with the regularity of Exlax, is a beach-bar that occasionally sports a 55 inch HDTV buried in the sand and broadcasts every Leafs game.

On the night we were there (Feb 11) the Leafs weren’t playing and instead I noted this rather 50’s California looking dude carting in enough gear for a concert at the ACC.

IMG_9087 - Version 3Drinks and time pass as all were busy taking pictures of yet another glorious sunset until suddenly my ear catches wind of that unmistakable echoing popping sound that a Peavey Amp and PA system make when first turned on.

As the dude positioned his stool, I invariably pulled an eye-rolling Simon Cowell. Shame on me, I should know better.

Within a few strokes of his repeater acoustic-electric and a voice that can only be described as “bluejazzrock” soft cross between Dylan, Springsteen and Cocker, I was mezzmerizingly wondering “who the “F” is this guy and what the “F” is he doing in a place fewer than 0.001% of the population knows exists?

Turns out “the dude” is Scott Haynes with perhaps a lesser-known but impressive history in the music business including touring the US in the mid-70’s with rock band Cyclone and with American Spring as a warm-up band for the Beach Boys in the early 80’s.

Out came my iPhone 6+ and video captured a few tunes Scott performed before I force-shook his hand off the guitar mid-song, saying our goodbyes and placing a token of our appreciation in the tip-jar as we headed off to Creoles for dinner.

Ya had to be there and it was getting pretty dark, so I after-the-fact brightened the feed as best I could, but enjoy Scott Haynes’ rendition of Chris Isaak’s 1989 Wicked Game, and in January of this year re-released by Sons of Serendip. If ever you are in Roatan, be sure to try and include one of Scott’s performances at Sundowners.

{Click Here for: Scott Haynes – Wicked Game}


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