iPad Mini Vs. Galaxy Note 2 = Following Vs. Leading

Two months ago in following vs. leading, I speculated about the direction Apple would take in the coming weeks and months. Confirmation that Apple will follow, not lead, will come next week when the iPad Mini is unveiled.

Comparing the iPad Mini to the Galaxy Note 2 is limited to two areas only; telephony and size. The GN 2 is also a phone. Hence the term “phablet.”  Sadly, the iPad Mini will not. At 5.5 inches the GN 2 is a mobile device you can take anywhere. At 7.85 inches the iPad Mini reminds me of the 20 year old debate between luggable versus portable computers. The iPad Mini, won’t quite fit on a belt clip.

However, the comparison between the two devices should end there because after that the differences are cultural, and by that I mean do you live in the Apple or Android ecosystem?

In my case because I am wedded to all things Apple such as iTunes, Aperture, ToDo, Apple TV, Macbook Air, iMac and countless apps from the AppStore, converting to the Android culture is simply out of the question. I say this in despite the fact my professional life revolves around Word, Power Point and Excel, albeit the Mac versions.

As much as I long for merging my current iPhone 4S and iPad 3 into a single device, which the GN2 does in terms of size and functionality, I simply can’t afford the required effort in acclimatizing to the different culture. Instead, I will bemoan Apple for knowing the true meaning of customer loyalty; the extent to which a supplier can fall short in giving a client what it wants, yet maintain loyalty. That’s Apple’s greatest achievement.

In iPhone 5 buys a little more time and in next week’s iPad Mini announcement, all is going as predicted, including the temporary dip in stock price. But Apple knows it does not, yet, have to cannibalize its iPhone product line. We are still 12 or so months away from Apple succumbing to that kind of market demand.

True to my word, I resisted the battery life plagued iPhone 5 in favour of my iOS-6 driven iPhone 4s surrounded by a Mophie Juice pack.

The iPad Mini however, limitations and all, will nevertheless see me in-line in the wee-hours of November 2nd, assuming that Canadian release date holds true. I’ve already tweaked my VoIP apps in preparation for trying to function with a single device.

All I need now is a 7.85 inch belt clip holster 🙂

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