iPhone Payment App, thank you Starbucks

“It’s starting… :-)”

Those were the only two words in an no subject email from my 18 year old son yesterday. That and a link to this story.

Hours later, “…the ultimate combo: Starbucks and iPhone!” from my 20 year old daughter.

At first I did not know which to be more impressed by, that Austin knew about CP 24 or that Cassidie might finally consider trading her Blackberry for an iPhone. But quickly, the real weight of this story grabbed hold.

I tend to seesaw between eras. Occasionally I romanticize the imagined simplicity of yesteryear, only to wish tomorrow’s technology was here today.

For those who know me, there isn’t a new technology I won’t try. Be it iPads, iPhones, or Taylor Made R11 Irons. If they announce, I line up. It’s how I am wired.

However, in the case of Starbucks announced iPhone App, it has less to do with my technological obsession and more to do with the disdain I have for a wallet that is, quite literally, a pain in my a _ _.

I have never liked cash. Bills but especially coin. I was an early adopter for paying for anything and everything, no matter how small the amount, using plastic. I have endured the stares and glares, and I long ago got over the feeling of guilt from eye-rollers who think nasty thoughts of the guy buying a stick of gum with a credit card.

For the record, $4.83 on a credit card is a faster transaction than the person who insists on counting out eight quarters, ten dimes, twenty nickels, and eighty-three pennies.

My penchant for plastic over cash has nothing to do with credit and little to do with reward, although I am appreciative for the Air Miles and Aeroplan points I have accumulated and redeemed over the years. Indeed, it has all to do with convenience. Mine, not yours, as selfish as that may sound.

Damn the cash-loving and tax-evading taxi drivers. Don’t know what mean? Flag down a cab, run up a $7 fare using a credit card as payment. Watch carefully as suddenly the transaction won’t process. I find plugging the terminal back in helps. Add $1.50 “processing fee” to the fare and there’s your tip.

For as long and as much as I have been a fan of plastic over cash, I have longed even more for the day “chip” on a phone would trump as the preferred method of payment. It couldn’t get here soon enough was my personal bias in credit-card research I did years ago for one of the big two.

I am the exact demographic Starbucks is targeting. The guy who might leave the house forgetting his wallet but not his phone.

I accept we still have a few years to go before all my credits cards, bank cards, drivers license, health card, Costco card, reward cards…etc. are on my phone. I for one look forward to ability of leaving my wallet at home, not simply forgetting it.

For now, I will reward Starbucks for being among the first even if that means learning the metro-sexual name for “large double-double.”

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