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web-page-4-copy1Welcome to the redux of The reasons for doing so were plenty. Mostly however, you, the people who read this space asked me to bring this blog into the blogosphere mainstream complete with the opportunity to post comments, trackbacks, and other blog-like functionality.

Secondly, the manual and arduous task of maintaining the site in Microsoft Frontpage became laborious. I found myself spending as much time, if not more, maintaining the site as I did creating content. And if it’s true the new “location-location-location” is “content-content-content,” then something had to give.

Three 3 years ago I registered I originally intended it as a personal space I would keep separate from my professional space – Core Strategies – to host my amateur portrait photography. For the first few months in 2006 the site did just that. However, never shy to offer an opinion I found myself yearning for a place to do so on line.

While strategy and politics have always been in my blood, the emphasis of this blog on political commentary was more happenstance than deliberate. I tend to wake up early, consume the news, something grabs at my innards, and a couple of hours later, voilà, a post is born. Other times an issue will simmer for a while and more time and thought goes into it. 

There isn’t a topic I have written on I don’t feel passionate about. What would be the point? For every blog that makes it, three or four others don’t get past the stage of cerebral methane. Time is usually a factor as I do have a day job. Mostly it’s a commitment I made to myself and you, that I would never write simply for the sake of writing or because I felt it had been too long since my last post. There are too many bloggers who do just that. If I go days or weeks between posts, so be it. I am either too busy at core strategies or there simply isn’t an issue gnawing at me. To date I have made 94 posts over three years which is, on average, just over one blog every ten days. Reasonable and sufficient in my view. I don’t know if the new and more efficient format will increase the blog rate. That wasn’t the purpose of the redux.

Looking ahead, I expect a disproportionate share of posts will continue to be political in nature. While I am somewhat cynical of the current political system, its processes, and actors, I am more cynical of people who simply give up or who don’t try to make a positive difference. Admitedly, I am naïve enough to think words and action still make a difference. I feel this way about other topics as well, not just politics. My recent exposé on Don Cherry is an example.

That said. I strive to also highlight positive and good news stories.

Finally, a few words of thanks to two people:

8-15IBBITSON3Three years ago when I was contemplating this writing and blog thing I consulted with a few people whose opinion I respect. One was the Globe’s John Ibbitson who, in an email exchange, gave me this advice “…still, I cling to this axiom. I don’t give a damn about what you think, and you shouldn’t give a damn about what I think. It’s what each of us knows about a subject and can communicate that matters… . John’s words of wisdom have stuck with me since, and I try to make bits of it appear in each post.    

scott-allanSecond, a huge word of thanks goes to former client – now friend and technical advisor, Scott Allan, without whose hands-on help and assistance, this blog redux would not have happened. At least not as smoothly and seamlessly.

Thank you John and Scott. 

Now, for all you people who sent me blog comments via email or who complained about not being able to comment as you would on other blogs, get busy!

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8 Responses to The redux of

  1. Garth Turner says:

    Finally, a Dan Baril who descends from his MS throne, and joins the rest of the interactive blogosphere, where none can sit in splendid isoltaion from the ankle-biters and self-appointed slaggers. Good job. And don’t get all whiney on us.

    Say, are you running for something?

    Finally, thanks for your kind words over the years. You are about to see why they were so needed.


  2. Congratulations! Now I am happy to throw a link up on my blog, so all those Green party types can follow, and pepper you with pithy comments. Seriously, half the joy of blogging is the proof that you are connecting with people, when they respond. You’ll also find your errors quickly corrected, and enrich the service you provide your readers.

  3. Congratulations on the new site! An RSS feed is a very handy (and considerate) addition for your readers. Let the comments fall where they may . . .

    Best of luck!

  4. David Baril says:

    Classic blog layout. Clean, quick and effective. And (finally!) an RSS feed.

    Good work!

    I looked in vain to see what it was done in – WordPress?



    • danbaril says:

      Yes, in WP. Although just like my cars I prefer the [cleaner] look of no dealer labels, stickers…etc. If I could factory order my cars without the manufacturer/model emblem, I’d do that too. – Dan.

  5. Good show Dan. I loved reading your post, and yes, I often replied via email. Good to see you around the blogasphere. I wonder how I will know when you post, will you still give your faithful reades a “heads up”?

    • danbaril says:

      Hi Jan, I always appreciated your email feedback. Yes, for the time being I still plan to continue sending out the “heads up” to those on the alert list. As it did on the old site, the about page talks a little about this. – Dan.

  6. Dave Duchene says:

    Looks good, Dan! As always, thanks for writing. And, count one more who’s delighted that you now have an RSS feed.

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