Plains re-enactment cancelled, right decision

plains-re-enactrmentEvery now and then I am ashamed of one or the other part of my English-French Canadian nationality.

Today most of the comments pouring into predominantly English mainstream media over the National Battlefields Commission’s [correct] decision to cancel a planned re-enactment of the 1759 French-British battle on the Plains of Abraham, leave me embarrassed for my English-Canadian half. That doesn’t cause me to be more proud of my French-Canadian ancestry, just shaking my head at what idiots – on either side – people can sometimes be.

Re-enactment organizer Horst Dresler who lives in Vermont is quoted in the National Post saying “There’s nothing political on our side. We don’t want to get involved in that. We’re involved in history and what happened … People who think this is a celebration have no clue what they’re talking about … We’re there to honour the memories.”

With all due respect, the people who don’t have a clue are the Horst Dresler’s.

The 250 year old battle on the Plains of Abraham should perhaps appropriately be remembered later this year. The key word being appropriately.

People commenting with “you lost, suck it up” in the Globe and Mail is hardly appropriate and if this is the tenor for any planned re-enactment, before it even occurs, I’d say a wise decision was made to cancel the event, and catastrophes of numerous sorts have possibly been avoided.

Since the Commission’s decision to cancel the re-enactment, Mr. Dresler is reportedly looking at a different venue, “possibly in Ontario” which tells me someone still doesn’t get it. Perhaps a different example is needed to help drive the point home to my predominantly English brethren.

The 20 year anniversary of Paul Bernardo’s and Karla Homolka’s sadistic torture and murder of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French is just around the corner. Shall we re-enact these “historical facts” as well?

Of course, ‘not to celebrate but to honour their memories!’

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