Quebec; my quick take…

quebec-elecOne of these days, I’m just going to post the picture and let it do the talking. In the meantime…

…it’s still early, but the Quebec election result in my view gives Mr. Harper more reason, way more reason, to “go” sooner rather than later. The ADQ is more right of centre than Quebec Liberals. That is a good base from which the Conservatives can expect to build, further.

My prediction of a Charest minority with ADQ in second place proved correct. What shocked me was Mr. Charest nearly not winning his own seat. I didn’t see that one coming.

Jean Charest must personally wish he could exit, stage right. But he’s stuck. If he leaves now, it surely puts another nail in the coffin. Besides, who’s the 2IC?

Watch for Mr. Harper and Mr. Dumont to become buds. Watch further for the impact on the BQ. They wont have 51 seats after the next election. But where will those votes go?


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