An inconvenient truth

an-inconvenient-truth-2Until just a few months ago Al Gore was, to me, just the guy who did not become President of the United States in the year 2000. The irony in this is an issue of untold proportions that is not well understood.

In one of the opening scenes of his film “An Inconvenient Truth” Al Gore, in tongue-and-cheek fashion, introduces himself as “I am Al Gore and I used to be the next President of the United States.” The line draws laughter as does the follow-up crack by pretending to be mad, and says “I don’t find that particularly funny” and usually draws even more laughter.


That’s when it first hit me. That today Al Gore is anything but the “tin man” many accused him of. The guy is as human as they get and if he isn’t, then I’ll be first to admit I have been snowed. But I won’t accept that criticism unless you have seen the film.


In the meantime, one of the comments I hear from people nearly every time they exit the theatre is “can you imagine what a difference it would have made had Al Gore become President?” 


I admit I thought the same thing when first seeing the film. Not until the second time did it occur to me the best thing to ensure climate change concerns were heard was Al Gore not becoming President in 2000. Had Gore become President, he would not have made the film or partisan politics would have shot the messenger as is still the case today.


In my opinion, we will one day look back and declare 2006 as a turning point due, in large part, to Al Gore.


For the time being I’ll not say a lot more than this. I’ll let the film speak for itself and continue doing what I can to try and help al-gore-2create awareness and to spawn the political will I feel this important matter deserves. Stage 2 strategy will come soon enough.


Finally, this is not an endorsement of Al Gore politics, including what he may or may not do in 2008. To be honest, I don’t know very much about where the man stands on other issues. But I certainly am providing an endorsement to the climate change movement, including especially what must be done to reduce emissions and to implement new more efficient and less harmful energy sources. 


I sincerely hope you will join me in stage 1. Please go see the film or see it on DVD, and let me know what you think. If it does not make you stop and think, Core Strategies will pay for the cost of your ticket.


Note: While the entire film is good, there are a half-dozen or so segments in which I believe the words spoken are very profound and apply to everyday life, not just to the climate change issue. I have assembled (cut and paste) these segments into a single audio clip you can here by [clicking here]

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