Mau Lao, how is this possible?

Mau Lao, performs Rue Malouin

It’s been almost 6 hours and I am still in utter shock asking myself the question, over-and-over, how is this possible?

Let me start at the beginning. 

Some 20+  years ago I met Mau Lao through my work in the market research industry. Back then, Mau was working for one of the big research houses I used to contract with to handle some of my Field & Tab work. Mau was, and still is, a data-processing wiz. The best I’ve ever known.

Fast forward a couple decades and another colleague, Graham Loughton, I’ve known since we met back in the Decima years is a Partner at Mau’s day-time umbrella CiCiC Research. Graham and I interact directly a lot on my research projects. 

Countless, and I mean countless, research projects later and enough banners, cross-tabs, phone calls, and emails back-and-forth to fill a small landfill, I stumble upon a barely noticeable reference on Mau’s linked-in page about guitars. I casually ask, “do you play?

Moments later…  

“I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember — but I’ve always had a “regular” job because I don’t like to be broke…lol”

…and lower down in the email a couple of youtube links I didn’t immediately have time to check out.

An hour or so later I click on one, then two, and then dozens more links only to discover Mau’s other gift. A guitarist and musician like no other. This introspective piece Mau wrote called “Rue Malouin” is one I can’t stop listening to and has me asking the question over-and-over; how is it possible I didn’t know a decades-old acquaintance possessed such incredible artistic talent?

Far from being broke my friend, within you is a richness and a deep spirit no amount of money could ever buy.

Mau Lao, I feel like I just met you.    


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